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Here are some robot illustrations i made especially for 2 little boys that i teach. They are obsessed! If you would like to print them for your lessons…go ahead! The kids have a great time imagining what to put in the drawers & filling in the alphabet or numbers where ive left gaps.




I count this painting i did for my husband a couple of months ago, as an early Xmas present. I printed out a sketch i did onto an 80x160cm canvas and added colour by hand using acrylics, and some left over wall paint so that it matches the living room. Its still a work-in-progress…i keep looking at it and one day it will come down and get a good old re-vamp.


Christmas is here…along with my rapidly emptying wallet! I went to the shops to find decorations for our Christmas plant (there’s no room for a tree in our tiny house), and everything i liked was so expensive! 5 euros for 1 decoration! What the…!!! If i am not mistaken, is there not a crisis in Greece at the moment?! Who the hell is going to buy anything at that price! I dont even want to know how much money you need to decorate a huge tree!

So with 5 euros i bought 1 kilo of air-dry clay that i used to make all the decorations for our “tree”. Add some paint, left-over ribbon and lights and hey presto! The Christmas spirit is here!


As promised here is a photo of my dough version of Kyra Sarakosti or “Lady Lent”. I love her! Make with flour+water+decorate with happiness. Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees or until all rozy and brown.

My husband is in love with her too and wont let me break her legs off! He feels sorry for her. But it’s tradition!

Today during my English lesson I showed the girls how to make Kyra Sarakosti or “Lady Lent” which is a greek tradition. You make her on Clean Monday, out of paper or dough. Since I wasnt about to take over the poor family’s kitchen I opted for paper! She has no mouth because she is fasting and she has seven legs, representing the number of weeks in Lent. Every week leading up to Easter you remove a leg! Here she is in all her glory! I got so excited that tomorrow i’ll make my own out of dough to hang in my kitchen.

Xmas day was also the suprise 60th birthday party for my dad! The man is obsessed with playing chess so i made him a “Chess Master” hat to wear. He didnt take it off all night, and not even when he was hard at work¬† simultaneously playing a quick match and eating cake! Kasparov would be jealous! Haha!

This is what all of Greece needs i think.

The reason i’m not posting much lately is because i am SUPER busy planning my wedding. A friend joked that “the reason they make it so difficult to get married is so you NEVER EVER want to do it again” which is sounding less like a joke and more like the ultimate truth. So much to do, so little time…