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Here are some sitting chickens the kids made for Easter! We’ve made them in different sizes, coloured them with crayons and on some we used crepe-paper for the wings and crest. To make them use the template below, fold and cut along the orange line.. The wings and any extra bits can be made by using the left over pieces after all the cutting. Watch out because younger children find it a little difficult cutting around the tail bit. But its all worth it. They are all so cool i wanted to steal them and take them home all for me!


It’s Easter season and all my kiddies want to make Easter crafts. I haven’t taken many pictures but here’s a little of what they’ve all done. Randomly, Lydia wanted to make a guitar…not very Easter-y, but who cares!

This weekend was my pre-schools Christmas concert. It was so much fun and so cute! The place was all decked out in crafts the kids made this month. I’m overdosed out on making stuff since i also do it for my private lessons with Lydia, Stelio & Stavro. Here is SOME of what they’ve all made…

Every Tuesday & Thursday i teach at what i call “little school”…a pre-school. My favourite kid, Niko, keeps nagging me to draw him robots that he can colour in. So i drew a few that we photocopied for everyone. This is the second one we did…Fish-bot. He has an umbrella for a hat and an empty fish tank stomach that they had to fill with fish. I love the way kids colour in!