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This summer i left the heatwave of Athens and went Down Under to Sydney and the nice cool winter. I had the best time visiting family and one of the hightlights was when my beautiful neices took me and Husband ceramic painting. We loved it! We went to Tennyson Studio and had such a great time. After spending most of our time just trying to decide what to paint Ticky showed us the basics and we were on our way.


Here’s what i did…



A client of mine asked me to draw a boy & girl with their pets, a dog and cat. So that’s what ive been doing lately…in every possible size and shape! We’re narrowing it down slowly, but soon we’ll have decided on the final version.

gold Katerina Filippou heart tags

I just received 3 boxes full of heart tags i designed for Katerina Filippou. Soon they’ll be hanging off her fantastic new A/W 09-10 collection. Bling bling! Nearly blinded myself when i opened them up!

Logo, tags, invitation, sales flyerBoudoir flyers

This must be the most favourite client i worked on while at PageUp advertising. Boudoir is a clothing store that we helped launch, doing everything from logos to flyers. The cut-out girl flyers were my favourite, since they came out every month to announce what was new, and they were made up of a collage of fabric from actual clothes in store.

Here is a very small selection of logos and business card designs i’ve done for various companies (and friends!) over the years.