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My beautiful students love when i bring over my huge roll of paper…so one week we decided to put it to good use. They lay down and i traced their bodies, then they filled themselves in. This was a good way to learn the names of body parts, colours, and also talk about tall, short, big & small etc. I love how the styles of drawing change with age…

Top: Alexia 5yrs old, Eleni 4yrs old

Bottom: Lydia 8yrs old, Stavro 4yrs old


This summer i left the heatwave of Athens and went Down Under to Sydney and the nice cool winter. I had the best time visiting family and one of the hightlights was when my beautiful neices took me and Husband ceramic painting. We loved it! We went to Tennyson Studio and had such a great time. After spending most of our time just trying to decide what to paint Ticky showed us the basics and we were on our way.


Here’s what i did…


Flexy fishies

Here are some fish we made before the summer holidays with all the kids i tutor. They’re flexible and so cool…if you run and hold them behind you it looks like they’re swimming! Not too good when you want the kids to sit down and learn :)