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The story goes: During a game of hide and seek, a grandpa counts to 20 while his grandson covers his eyes… Different ways of illustrating the same scene helps clients choose the style they think suits their story best.

Oh yay! One of my favourite blogs is now up and running with a brand new look, using a header and footer i illustrated for it.  Whether the old version or the new, I “heart”

Seriously, go in and dont just look…READ!

Woohoo…finally my friends at WIZcreative sent me a photo of the wall in their office, which is now covered with a 2x4m illustration that i did of them! My only instructions were to “Stick to the colours we’re giving you”…which was a good thing to tell me since my work usually ends up looking like a rainbow.

Animals vs Humans

Well, my holiday is over. Back to work i go. The last illustration of 2009 was published in AV’s Athens Guide…and was for an article/guide to all the xmas and new years parties that are happening this year. Out of the whole illustration the first thing most people noticed was the flying lover-boy’s All-Stars. Second they noticed the overflowing rubbish bin under the xmas tree…typical Athens scene since the rubbish workers decided to go on strike right before the holidays. Yuk.