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Flexy fishies

Here are some fish we made before the summer holidays with all the kids i tutor. They’re flexible and so cool…if you run and hold them behind you it looks like they’re swimming! Not too good when you want the kids to sit down and learn :)


Summer is here at last, and all the kids i give private English lessons to have slowly taken off to the islands for their holidays. I’ve got 1 week left before i leave too, and 4 more days to hand in my first animation for a big TV station to use as a teaser for a new TV show! It’s all very hectic. So i’m taking a break and am posting all my little kid’s masterpieces that we did together in July. From clay octopuses, to pop up butterflies…you name it. I hope they are actually learning a bit of English instead of just how to make amazing stuff?!?!