Archives for the month of: December, 2009

My latest illustration is in issue 38 of LOOK mag. Girls knitting, cowboys riding horses and lots of flowers…i *heart* my job! If only the paper wasn’t so shiny so i could take a better photo.


Remember the mouse and the beaver rolling the money-bank down the road in my previous post? Well, their adventures are over, the story is done and published. Sponsored by Alpha Bank, the story aims to teach kids all about saving money. Aha! So THAT’S what ive been doing wrong! Get this little book free with “Family Life” mag!

Yay! It’s nearly here! My holiday! No work woohoo! This is the e-flyer i sent to everyone letting them know when i will be off work, so that they know not to call me for anything work related. But if they want to call and invite me to a fabulous Christmas party…well that’s ok then! Ha!

Christmas is on the way! You can tell because my office is so cold that i work with my coat on, Sinatra is playing & the pigeons outside never move…i think the poor things are frozen to the wire!