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Christmas is here…along with my rapidly emptying wallet! I went to the shops to find decorations for our Christmas plant (there’s no room for a tree in our tiny house), and everything i liked was so expensive! 5 euros for 1 decoration! What the…!!! If i am not mistaken, is there not a crisis in Greece at the moment?! Who the hell is going to buy anything at that price! I dont even want to know how much money you need to decorate a huge tree!

So with 5 euros i bought 1 kilo of air-dry clay that i used to make all the decorations for our “tree”. Add some paint, left-over ribbon and lights and hey presto! The Christmas spirit is here!



Summer is here at last, and all the kids i give private English lessons to have slowly taken off to the islands for their holidays. I’ve got 1 week left before i leave too, and 4 more days to hand in my first animation for a big TV station to use as a teaser for a new TV show! It’s all very hectic. So i’m taking a break and am posting all my little kid’s masterpieces that we did together in July. From clay octopuses, to pop up butterflies…you name it. I hope they are actually learning a bit of English instead of just how to make amazing stuff?!?!