Archives for the month of: February, 2010

If i ever feel like drawing and i need a model, all i have to do is look and see who is infront of the tv. The best models are men watching soccer. They sit still and shut up, and get into some pretty weird poses. I just have to make sure im done sketching before someone scores a goal!


Doodle + post-it = diary. Lately i am too bored to write down the events of my day, so i draw them.

My Athens Voice cover illustration and the whole issue for you to flick through is here , and my web interview and a slideshow of my work is here. So exciting :)

Tomorrow Athens Voice is coming out with my illustration on the cover. The theme was Apokries (Carnival) and Tsiknopempti, which really badly translated means meat-smelling Thursday!?! (Tsikna = the smell of roasted food +  Pempti = Thursday)

Here are the rough layout proposals i did.  “Meat Lovers” is the one they chose. Cant wait to see it live & printed!