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For the past months i’ve been busy drawing hiking trails and paths as part of the project “Paths of Culture”, that Elliniki Etairia, Society for the Environment & Cultural Heritage is implementing together with various municipalities around Greece. The project aims to give new life to trails with natural beauty and historical importance, and promote hiking and eco-friendly tourism beyond the summer season, thus stimulating local economies.

So far i’ve sketched out and designed the signs for 2 trails, the Aporthianos path on the island of Patmos, and the Pine-Forest trail in Marathonas. The style is purposely childish and the angles and perspective are off. There’s even a smiling octapus in the sea, that i dont think is actually there, and nor does he smile. This is to make it more friendly and appealing, and less like an actual “to-scale”, serious map.

Its a super fun project and there’s more to come!


So Christmas has been suprisingly busy this year, work wise. But i’ve also had alot of fun projects. Like making Christmas cards with the kids i teach English to…

…or papier-mache Santa’s…

…who we then paint and glitter the hell out of! Even on his bum!

And i also managed to whip up a poster and flyer for my good friends at Dress Affair who had their Christmas party that was as usual a massive success!

I *heart* sales! Every season, when sales time comes around, DPAM ask me to design stickers for their window displays. Each time i have design within a 1x1m square. This summer its “starfish & sandcastles”…look out for them!

Here are a few invitations for (birthday & baptism) ive designed lately. Some are sold at Evzon and others are specialy made for specific clients, like little Alex. Love working on these! More to come. Will take photos of the final printed versions.