Here are a few stills from a TV teaser for MEGA TV’s new show “Pisw sto Spiti”. I was contacted by Design Park to illustrate the advertisement, which i call a 2D/3D marionette, photo-collage mix. I pieced together photos to create the scenes & backround. The characters are made up of the actors real head shots from different angles, & their bodies are actually my friends and family who very patiently dressed up as told, and stood around in weird positions while i photographed them, and then chopped their head off! Haha!

 I had so much help from everyone during the month i had to finish this project and i am really happy with the result. Cant wait until my next animation project.

If you want to see the actual advertisement then you can see it here. (P.S. Only my Dad got to keep his head. Thats him at 0:18, wearing a fake moustache!)