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steps 1, 2 & 3

What im working on right now > illustrations for a FANTASTIC kids story that a friend has written. Cant wait until its all done…then we’ll go beg and plead with publishers until someone gives in and prints it.



Drawing without lifting the pen from the paper is great. One-liners have a starting point and a finishing point, and if you make a mistake in between, too bad. That’s the whole fun of it.

big mess

my e-flyer!

Life is so hectic lately & so my new e-flyer makes sure that no one forgets me in the big rush!

gold Katerina Filippou heart tags

I just received 3 boxes full of heart tags i designed for Katerina Filippou. Soon they’ll be hanging off her fantastic new A/W 09-10 collection. Bling bling! Nearly blinded myself when i opened them up!

A while ago my friend Vicky asked me to illustrate her book.

“Greek It!” is a guide for tourists that pokes fun at Greeks, their weird mentality and unusual habits. Was pretty fun working on this book, since i know first-hand how strange things seem at first…when i moved here 15 years ago i got quite a shock too! Got to love the chaos though haha!

Logo, tags, invitation, sales flyerBoudoir flyers

This must be the most favourite client i worked on while at PageUp advertising. Boudoir is a clothing store that we helped launch, doing everything from logos to flyers. The cut-out girl flyers were my favourite, since they came out every month to announce what was new, and they were made up of a collage of fabric from actual clothes in store.

taurus"The man & Mr Smith" illustration > Taxisleeping lionLove doing collages, but i hate tidying up the mess of little paper bits and ripped up magazines.

A few illustrations that i managed to do for “The Ring” section in ADDRESS magazine, before it shut down. Major shame…