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Christmas is here…along with my rapidly emptying wallet! I went to the shops to find decorations for our Christmas plant (there’s no room for a tree in our tiny house), and everything i liked was so expensive! 5 euros for 1 decoration! What the…!!! If i am not mistaken, is there not a crisis in Greece at the moment?! Who the hell is going to buy anything at that price! I dont even want to know how much money you need to decorate a huge tree!

So with 5 euros i bought 1 kilo of air-dry clay that i used to make all the decorations for our “tree”. Add some paint, left-over ribbon and lights and hey presto! The Christmas spirit is here!



So Christmas has been suprisingly busy this year, work wise. But i’ve also had alot of fun projects. Like making Christmas cards with the kids i teach English to…

…or papier-mache Santa’s…

…who we then paint and glitter the hell out of! Even on his bum!

And i also managed to whip up a poster and flyer for my good friends at Dress Affair who had their Christmas party that was as usual a massive success!

Christmas has come and gone… a few days before, Athens Voice called me to Illustrate their “Xmas & the City” article. If you want to see it and read the article go to AthensVoice, and check out what there is to do and see in Athens over the holidays. Despite what we’re going through right now we can still have fun! Merry Christmas!


This weekend was my pre-schools Christmas concert. It was so much fun and so cute! The place was all decked out in crafts the kids made this month. I’m overdosed out on making stuff since i also do it for my private lessons with Lydia, Stelio & Stavro. Here is SOME of what they’ve all made…