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Every Thursday im on the lookout for an Athens Voice…but they seem to disappear so quickly! But THIS Thursday it was very important that i find one, since this 6 year anniversary issue featured my illustrations! I got to illustrate a super smart, funny article by the extremely talented Dimitri Papadopoulos…about the eternal rush all Athenians are in, and all the reasons why we get delayed and frustrated while out and about.

Now if only they had written my blog address correctly…webpress? ha!


The cat and the fiddle...the cow jumped over the moon..the little dog laughed to see so much fun...and the dish ran away with the spoon.


I made these illustrations as a present to the little baby inside my cousins tummy. Its top secret if the baby is a he or a she…but nursery rhymes are for everyone, so problem solved! Now all i have to do is be patient until November 15th!


1 idea, 3 styles to pick from. Yes…that is a mouse and a beaver rolling a money-bank down the road. If you’re wondering why then you’ll have to wait until next month to see the whole story…!