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Here are some seriously ancient illustrations i found that i did, about 5 years ago i think, for GYNAIKA magazine. I had totally forgotten about them as they never got published. They were done for an article about the impending economic crisis in Greece…but since the crisis wasn’t in full force yet, the editors probably didnt really believe it’d ever happen. Or be as bad as it is. So here they are, no longer illustrating an article, but the story of our life lately.

On another note…how different is my style lately!? So weird.


Remember the mouse and the beaver rolling the money-bank down the road in my previous post? Well, their adventures are over, the story is done and published. Sponsored by Alpha Bank, the story aims to teach kids all about saving money. Aha! So THAT’S what ive been doing wrong! Get this little book free with “Family Life” mag!


1 idea, 3 styles to pick from. Yes…that is a mouse and a beaver rolling a money-bank down the road. If you’re wondering why then you’ll have to wait until next month to see the whole story…!